You’re momma says you go straight to hell

Dead end kids in the danger zone
All of you are drunk or stoned
Dead end kids you’re not alone
You sleep in the street when you’re not at home

Long hot summers make you wanna fight
The roar of the city lasts all night
You like drugs you like brew
You won’t believe what I can do to you

I got away clean with my fake id
No more school or mommy for me
Stealing cars and breaking hearts
Pills and thrills and acting smart

In the naked city
Spaces ain’t that pretty
As I was getting dusted
I happened to get busted
Oh yes I was arrested
Oh God how I protested
They beat me with a board
It hurt just like a sword
They kicked me in the eye
My brain began to fry
This is like a movie
I know I’m gonna scream
All the pain that I feel
Makes me feel mean
It’s so sad and crazy here
I think I’m gonna cry
If I don’t wake up from this dream
I think I’m gonna........die

Where am !?
Your in a cheap run down teenage jail thats where
Oh my god!
Yeah blondie your gonna be here till your 18 so get used to it

What you in for?
Wouldn’t you like to know.
Behind the fence, there is no defense
There’s murder, rape and bribery
In and out, burglary
You don’t look so tough
Oh I been around
On the planet sorrow, there is no tommorrow
Gonna get.....


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